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We are leading technology consultants catering business needs while levitating economic value for our clients by nurturing the humane values with integrity.


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"To assist our clients to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services."


About Logo

Logo consists of 3 important variables which are always aligned in an Orbit.

  1. Brain: It represents the human factor involved in business
  2. Mainframe: It represents the technology factor involved in business
  3. Device: It represents the application of technology factor over human factor in business

About Orbitech


About Orbitech Codes & Systems

Orbitech Codes & Systems offers a unified platform for building technology assets with great analytics to optimize business experience

Key Strength Areas for the Orbitech Codes & Systems include

  1. Modular platform based approach to technology solution development
  2. Strong focus on Process soothing and user experience
  3. Integration of analytics applications
  4. Cross linkages to different marketing and monetization platforms
  5. Top quality experienced engineering team


The Orbitech Advantage

True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward.

  1. We build our teams around your domain and technology requirements, offering specialized services and solutions that meet the distinct needs of your business.
  2. Our unique engagement model allows you to choose the sourcing strategy best suited to your business needs.
  3. Our full services portfolio combines traditional IT and Remote Infrastructure services with knowledge-based services such as Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing.
  4. We offer research-based solutions in advanced technologies that help support your business objectives.

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